Smuttynose Brewing Company

Heading home from vacation sucks. But drinking Smuttynose does not. Fortunately for us, their brewery is tucked in the woods of Hampton, NH which happened to be right on our route home. This one huge brewery handles all of the brewery’s production and distribution.  Additionally, visitors can head over to the Hayseed restaurant adjacent to the brewery. A historic home with outdoor seating, it offers the perfect setting to get pints of a ton of Smutty beers and well as some guest taps while enjoying a bowl of smoked New England seafood chowder.

Where are we? Smuttynose Brewing Co. Hampton, NH

What are we drinking? We tasted everything that they currently have in their taproom: the Finest Kind IPA, Octoberfest, Really Old Dog brown ale, Rhye IPA, Pumpkin Ale, Robust Porter, Weizenbock, and the Orville farmhouse ale.

Standout brews: You can never go wrong with their flagship Finest Kind IPA, but two of our other favorites were the Orville and the Wiezenbock. Both are productions of the Smuttlab, an experimental branch of Smuttynose that focuses on unique, small-batch beers. The Orville is a farmhouse saison with a rich complexity of sweet, tart, and peppery notes. The Weizenbock is a pretty traditional dark wheat beer with a pleasing yeast-y backbone. We also had the DIPA #4 at the Hayseed which was a hoppy, piney double IPA well worth a try.

How’s the vibe? This is a big, regional brewery with highly refined beers. The tasting room area is a little small and gets packed, so time your visit to be during off-peak hours. The outdoor seating at the Hayseed is a great place to hang out for lunch or just a few pints.  Overall, an excellent brewery to visit if you’re in the area!

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