Two Pints, Please! was launched in 2016 as a space to both reflect on and inspire a passion for beer-infused travel and adventure. Beer enthusiasts, the travel-hungry, and people wanting to discover more about craft beer will find a home with us.


About Bethany


I wish I could say I’ve always been a consumer of esteemed craft and Belgian beers. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I spent my time in college drinking only the finest Solo cups spilling over with lukewarm Milwaukee’s Best in the ambiance of seedy frat house basements. I was really off to a great start.

Fast forward to 2009, when I began graduate school at Lehigh University. Low on cash, I started serving at a restaurant that placed craft and Belgian beers at its helm. A certain chef with a love of Belgian quadruples and double IPAs at said restaurant also caught my eye, and the rest is history.

At present, I enjoy a healthy mix of work and play, spending my free time traveling, drinking, cooking, knitting, hiking, photographing, and cuddling with three silly cats. Thanks for checking us out, and feel free to say hi!

About Mike

mikefaceI grew up working in the restaurant business, and it was over that 15 year period that my love of great beer and great food truly took root. Over those years I had the opportunity to sample a huge variety of craft, Belgian, and German beers from oft-rotating taps (read: I got drunk a lot at the bar after hours with my friends from the kitchen). In-so-doing, I developed a serious taste for IPAs and big, dark Belgian beers like St. Bernardus Abt. 12 and Rochefort 10.

It is that business that introduced me to my second love (chronologically-speaking, of course), and she and I started down the path of tasting and sampling everything food and beer related that we could get our hands on. We began planning our vacations around food and beer and now everywhere we go we look for a new brewery or craft ale house to visit. We even planned our honeymoon to Belgium and France almost solely so we could try as many previously undiscovered Belgian beers as we could find.

We have talked many times about starting a blog to share our passion for beer, food, and travel and we finally went ahead and did it. I hope you don’t hate it too much.