New Brews at Bonn Place!

Hmmm, what is there to do on a long holiday weekend? Visit our friends at Bonn Place, of course! After being up all night replacing their failing glycol system with new copper pipes, Sam and Gina were as friendly and inviting as ever despite their lack of sleep. Mike and I were excited to  check out some of their new offerings, and we were far from disappointed.


Brunch and Bunny

First and foremost, we need to talk about the Scottish Brunch, which Bonn Place developed in collaboration with Monocacy Coffee Co. An amped-up version of the original Scottish Breakfast, it features the original wee-heavy Scottish ale brewed with local coffee beans and lactose. This beer blew me away. It has an incredibly roasty, coffee flavor with a creamy sweetness from the lactose. The Scotch ale base gives it a dryness that balances out the warm, sweet notes for a very satisfying, addictive brew. Fantastic.

Another highlight from the new offerings was the Bunny Farm Double IPA. We sampled this while it was still in the tanks a few weeks ago and loved the fresh, mango flavor. Sam did a second round of dry hopping before it hit the taps, and it produced a perfectly bitter, citrus-forward DIPA. Bonn Place describes it as having “more hops than a bunny farm,” which is a fitting slogan. Mike quickly put his pint of the Bunny Farm down the hatch – it’s a superb beer for the last few weeks of summer.



The Mooey-San is another unique offering. It involves a steel cask-conditioned version of the Mooey, which is their flagship bitter, blended with wasabi, ginger, and jasmine leaves. It would be spectacular with sushi, and if you head over to Bonn Place today you can get a pint of it for just $3! Be there or be square.

We can’t wait to check out two upcoming brews – an Irish Stout, which is a collaboration with Keystone Homebrew (and will be named after Colin, Gina’s new nephew!), and a French provincial-style ale featuring Mandarina hops and Brett wild yeast. Bonn Place is seriously on a roll!

Swing by Bonn Place and let us know what you think!



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