In Our Fridge: Free Will Techno IPA



Who could go for a frosty cold IPA?

It has been a busy couple weeks for us due to hosting a housewarming party to christen the new digs. The party was a success, and we are now stocked with beer for the next six months. Apparently our obsession with hops and malts is not a secret – guest after guest came in toting twelve-packs of craft ales or large Belgian bottles. We definitely have plenty to blog about! One of our good friends, Karen, who you may remember from the Lansdale Beer Festival, brought us some sudsy goods from Free Will, which is a small brewery with a hefty following in Perkasie, PA. They have a superb variety of beers which are often spotted in beer stores around the area. Their brewery is a fun one to visit – keep an eye out for a post about it!


Love our local breweries!

The Techno IPA is a winner. What I liked most about it is that it is notably malty and full-bodied for being a single IPA. However, the hops, while present, are not overwhelming. I likened it to a beer with the body of a double IPA and the hops of a single. It was refreshing paired with our dinner of spicy shrimp and vegetables with some tasting notes of citrus and fruit. It  has an ABV of 7.30% – low enough to be an easy-drinking beer, but still nothing to sniff at. We were impressed by this offering from a brewery nestled right in our neck of the woods!

Check out Free Will here!


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