How many goats? Two Goats!


RedX, Hefeweizen, and the best view on Seneca Lake

If there is a finer place in the world to enjoy a pint than Two Goats Brewing in Hector, NY, we have not yet found it. If you take a trip to the Finger Lakes region and don’t sit on their deck overlooking Seneca Lake with a pint of Goatgasm on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I seriously question your judgement.

Bethany and I have been to Two Goats on several occasions and it has always been a calm, quiet scene. The deck has never been crowded and the view is so captivating that Bethany and I would often just sit in silence for long periods of time (normally I’m the only silent one when we’re together), perfectly relaxed and watching the sun set over the lake.


Two Goats is solar-powered!

If you go, try the Goatgasm , which is a blend of their XIPA and their Ultra Pale Ale. It is a refreshing blend with just enough bite to remind you that there is a pretty strong IPA in there but drinkable enough that it won’t disturb your zen-like state of peace.  Other winners include their Heffeweizen, which is wheaty and refreshing without being too light-bodied, and the Goat Master Pale Ale, which packs a nice hop punch with citrus tones.

If you come hungry be prepared to drive a little drunk somewhere else because all the food they serve is roast beef sandwiches that are actually quite good and free fresh-popped popcorn. (Just kidding about driving drunk–don’t be a jerk. Just get the roast beef sandwich.)

On our trip this past weekend to the Finger Lakes we were so excited to get to Two Goats to enjoy a quiet, relaxing sunset and a few delicious pints.  However, when we turned into the driveway we saw that the deck and parking lot were packed with rowdy people. I was suddenly flooded with painful and unexpected emotions. It felt like I had just pulled up to my girlfriend’s house who I hadn’t seen in a very long time and there was another man’s car in the driveway — but instead of it being another man, it was a party bus full of frat boys peeing in the yard and bachelorette partiers screaming “wooo” at just about anything. We were both devastated, but what did we expect? It was Saturday afternoon on the Seneca Lake beer and wine trail on a 4th of July weekend.


Best seats in the house

After a brief survey of the scene we decided to turn around with hopes of returning the next day, Sunday, when it wouldn’t be so crowded to catch our sunset. After 24 hours of cognitive dissonance, we returned the next afternoon. It was packed again, and there was a band playing. However, this time we forged on, recognizing that a place this special couldn’t be kept secret for long. We grabbed our pints and joined the masses on the deck, strategically positioning ourselves to snatch our favorite place to sit – a corner cocktail table with commanding views of the lake – as soon as the opportunity arose. When we saw the couple sitting there beginning to get up we bolted over to the table like bratty, entitled children trying to beat out the other kids for the first eggs in an Easter egg hunt. I was a little embarrassed by our behavior but after we got to reclaim our favorite table and watch the sun go down over the lake I quickly forgot about my shame. Of course, the four pints of their RedX (red ale mixed with XIPA) that I drank also helped with that.


Check out Two Goats for yourself:


Mike and Bethany

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